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Douglas Fir

#1 & Better

Sizes up to 20"x20" – lengths up to 40 ft


For versatility and beauty few woods in the world match the magnificence of Douglas Fir.  Its light rosy color is set off by its remarkable straight and handsome grain patterns.

Designers appreciate the rich visual quality of Douglas Fir texture and grain as well as its beautiful response to fine craftsmanship and finishing.


Kiln Dried Douglas Fir

#1 FOHC & Better  Kiln Dried Douglas Fir

Sizes up to 12"x12" – lengths up to 24 ft. in stock

Kiln Dried Douglas Fir is extremely durable and not susceptible to warping or splitting, thanks to the straight, dense grain of the trunk.  This grain also gives the wood its high strength-to-weight ratio.

It is primarily used for supporting heavy loads in structural applications and, for that reason, is widely used in the construction industry.  It is far more stable than green timbers and greatly reduces fiber movement.

Western Red Cedar

#1 & Better Appearance

Sizes up to 20"x 20" – lengths up to 40 ft.

Red Cedar can be used for siding, decking, fencing, gazebos, sheds, doors, windows, blinds, shutters, indoor/outdoor and much more.  Compare Red Cedar to the competition.  Discover more about Cedar’s unique beauty, history and environmental benefits.

The timeless aesthetics of Western Red Cedar make it the primary choice of those who are looking for beauty and warmth in wood timbers. Cedar is perfect to use no matter what the architectural style is, rustic or contemporary.

Mixed Hardwoods

Green common

Sizes up to 12"x12" – lengths up to 20 ft.

When appearance isn't a priority, we offer rough mixed hardwood timbers suitable for an unlimited number of uses.

These are perfect for many industrial applications, such as stacking, crating, etc. Red oak and white oak are also available through special order when appearance is required.

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