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Richardson Timbers Team

As with any successful company, our strength is our people.  With over 150 combined years of experience by our company staff and managers, we care about you and your needs.  We are committed to meeting and exceeding your timber and custom millwork needs.

Our Professionals Serving You...

Genaro Berrones

Operations Manager

Lucio Martinez

Custom Products Manager

Chris Brennan.jpg

Bill Wilk

Mill Manager

Steven Rogers

Sales Manager

Bill Wilk 2022.jpg

Dustin Hopper

Logistics Manager

Jamie Hursh

Regional Sales

N, NW Texas

Cell: 214-202-7954

David Lawrence

Regional Sales

Central, SW & W Texas

Cell: 210-355-4212

Nick Zilliken

Regional Sales

N, NE Texas

Cell: 214-912-8601

Chris Brennan

Regional Sales

Southeast Texas

Cell: 303-807-6815

David Chavera_edited.jpg

David Chavera

Inside Sales

Nate Davidson_edited.jpg

Nate Davidson

Production Assistant

Jason Bailey use3_edited.jpg
John McCray_edited.jpg
Bobby Glover_edited.jpg
Curtis Carvell_edited.jpg

Jason Bailey


Jonathon McCray


Robert Glover


Curtis Carvell


Otis Duval


Jason Culak


Jason Wessels


Mfg team by TM.JPG

Manufacturing Team

Lynn O. Surls

Chairman, CEO

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